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The Control Board of the D.O.Ca. Rioja has officially rated the 2014 vintage ‘Good’

This is the average rating of the wines that passed a strict approval process applied to 4,383 samples. These were taken directly from the wineries’ tanks by Control Board personnel and subjected to laboratory and sensory tests. 293.52 million litres were ultimately approved (20.37 white, 14.99 rosé and 258.15 red).

The 2014 vintage shows a quantitative and qualitative improvement over last year. After a growing cycle with very favourable weather, Riojan vineyards showed excellent canopy development and plant health at the end of the ripening stage. This pointed to a great harvest in terms of both quality and quantity but adverse weather during the harvest only allowed forecasts to be partially fulfilled.

Largely, it can be said that these expectations have been met, and this is reflected in the ‘GOOD’ rating, the result of wide heterogeneity in the wines. Nonetheless, there is a significant percentage of top quality wines which is sufficient to meet the requirements of aged wine categories. Particularly notable is the excellent quality of this vintage’s rosés and whites, and aspect on which all 140 members of the Control Board Tasting Panel unanimously concur.

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