Sleeping at a winery amongst barrels and vineyards is a unique experience the visitor can enjoy at Hotel Eguren Ugarte, a charming hotel surrounded by vineyards and history, an hotel where you can enjoy the grape growing and winemaking experience.

Eguren Ugarte is one Rioja Alavesa’s historical wineries. We carry out the whole wine producing process from grape growing to sales to our customers all over the world.

With more than 130 hectares of our own vineyards, we unite tradition and modernity. Our wines are enjoyed in more than 25 countries and we have built an hotel above our 2,000m2 of cellars. Our winery is the perfect place for the visitor to enjoy the leisurely passage of time and savour the fruits of our grape growing and wine-producing culture.

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Hotel de Autor Eguren Ugarte

Winery Eguren Ugarte · Páganos · Laguardia · La Rioja Alavesa

One of our winery’s most genuine characteristics is the 2 km of cellars where our wines repose and where the conditions of temperature and humidity remain constant throughout the year.

These installations, open to the public, offer a unique setting and are one of the La Rioja Alavesa’s most attractive spots for enjoying the company of friends and family. Further, here in these cellars or “calados” as they are known, our wines are transformed into the exceptionally fine products that win prestigious national and international awards.

Quality in Eguren Ugarte

Quality, both in wine production and in winery management, makes the best fine wines. For this reason, at Eguren Ugarte our production is innovative in its ethical commitment with the environment, and we have invested in a sustainable winery saving energy through organic handling of the grapes, responsible use of natural resources and the use of solar energy. We also employ green fertilisers and compost, as well as naturally originating agrochemical products.

In 2003, AENOR certified our management system with the ISO 9001 qualification for the design, production, maturing, bottling, and sales of wines under the Denominación de Origen Calificada Rioja and in 2006, we obtained the environmental management standard, ISO 14001.