Eguren Ugarte is a family-owned winery. It is innovative, internationally renowned, independently financed and dedicated mainly to making, ageing and selling wines made under the Rioja Quality Designation of Origin.

Our main aim is to offer useful and satisfactory products and services to our customers. By constantly updating and improving these products and in the pursuit of business excellence, we will continue to work towards becoming a respected and admired winery, aimed at customer satisfaction, in creating added value. We will promote positive actions in all spheres of interest to us: customers, consumers, employees, owners, shareholders, suppliers, contributors, management and the rest of society, while minimizing the negative impact on the environment and using all resources efficiently. Thus making this the basic strategic tool to achieve competitiveness, profitability, survival and future development of our winery.

By improving and reinforcing our quality, environmental awareness, employee and food safety policies, we guarantee our products which in turn will add value to our company whilst maintaining the utmost respect for all interested parties, most particularly the environment.

To achieve the above, the management through transparent and ethical practices, guarantee they will:

a.- Comply with all legislative, regulatory and client applicable policies based on our business activities, products and services as well as all those needed to continuously improve the effectiveness of our integrated management systems with particular emphasis on environmental requirements.

b.- Promote professional development as well as training in Quality, environment, food, health and safety on all levels and for all functions through appropriate training schemes.

c.- Establish and enforce control processes.

d.- Through continuous assessment, we aim to concentrate our work on the prevention of error, based on suggestions and non-conformity. ALL STAFF MEMBERS WILL BE INVOLVED in this task. Each employee in their workplace will be considered to be an essential link in the chain of continuous improvement and as such will be motivated and will perform their work effectively so that when the product reaches the end of the chain, our work will be rewarded with customer loyalty.

e.- Establish specific annual targets which are monitored regularly by using indicators.

f.- Provide staff with information on policies, aims, achievements and importance of the quality system, environment, social liability, staff safety, food safety employed to assure uniform interpretation and effort.

g.- Provide all necessary resources, as well as all necessary support for the staff which make up the Eguren Ugarte team.

With the aim of achieving and diffusing these commitments, this policy will remain at all times available to our Interest Groups and we will allocate as many resources as we see necessary to ensure at all times the values defined in this statement will be adhered to.

Since 2003 quality controls are certified under UNE-EN-ISO 9001, and environmental management controls under UNE-EN-ISO 14001.

Vitorino Eguren Ugarte