Club of niches and barrels

What are the requirements/criteria for enjoying a niche?

Option A) The purchase of wine from our shop for a minimum of €600 (10% special discount for being a member of the club).
You will enjoy your niche for one year which can be renewed year upon year provided that you make the above mentioned purchase.

Option B) Cask purchase (Club 25 Martin Cendoya and Club 157 Reserva).
You will enjoy your niche for two years, renewable for a further year. Niche located in a preferential area.

¿What are the benefits for the client of being a member of the Victorino Eguren Ugarte Niche-Cask Club?

• Your wine will remain in our niches at no additional cost and you will be able to enjoy our txokos (basque term for an informal meeting venue with family/friends), upon reservation in advance, with your clients, relatives and/or friends.
• 15% Special discount in all wine tourism services: lunches, visits, accommodation, room hire, events, etc.
• 10% Discount in the Eguren Ugarte winery shop.
• 15% Discount in the on-line Eguren Ugarte shop.
• Exclusive monthly offers for our members.

How is the wine stored in my niche?

The wine is stored in our cellar in wooden boxes of six. In our cellars the storage, temperature and humidity conditions are ideal for preserving the wine, however dust is guaranteed.

How do I reserve a txoko?

You will have to reserve a txoko in advance by phone (945 600 766) or e-mail ( to establish the details of your visit: number of companions, luncheon, time, etc.

How do I identify myself in order to access my niche?

The document used to identify the member for the use of the niche will be your Spanish ID card (DNI) or similar. On an exceptional basis it is possible to authorise the use of your niche for a relative/friend provided this is clarified beforehand and in writing. In the case of companies one or more representatives must be identified.

What will my visit to the txoko be like?

When you arrive at the winery one of our PR employees will welcome you and attend to your every need. In any case, we will provide you with the glasses you are going to require, allowing the member to bring their own luncheon or you can enjoy our restaurant service. When you have finished, we will ask you to return the glasses and remove any leftover food.

If you wish to take wine from your niche with you this must be done in full boxes.

What happens once the established period has expired?

One month before the aforementioned period has elapsed our winery will contact you for the renewal or, failing this, request the address and delivery details for your wine. If, after a period of three months, the wine has not been removed this will be sent to you as freight collect.

And if I wish to have my wine without visiting the winery?

By contacting us you will be able to have the wine from your niche which will be sent to the address you provide us with.
The wine will be sent as freight collect.


A message from our founder Victorino Eguren Ugarte


Thank you for joining my Niche-Cask Club. We hope that our winery is of use to you
sand that you enjoy it just as much as we enjoy your company.
Make this cave a place for friends where wine enthusiasts can come
and enjoy pleasurable moments with each other and enjoy gatherings around wine.
On behalf or this vast community of friends of wine from all over the world,
welcome and thank you very much.

Find out about all the advantages of joining our club by calling +34 945 600 766 or by writing to us at