Compromiso con la sostenibilidad

In our vines we combine modern vine growing with a profound respect for the land and the environment.

· For many years, we have considerably reduced the use of herbicides, replacing them with in-row weeders, an implement to mechanically remove weeds which grow between the stocks.

· On estates which are planning on new cultivated areas a natural soil disinfection plan is drawn up by sewing specific species of the Brassica family. These nematicide covers, by being incorporated into the soil, have a biocide action and disinfect the soil of nematodes and other micro-organisms and thus prevent the fumigation of aggressive chemical products in the soil.

· We have our own network of meteorological stations which provide us with information from the Internet in real time as to the humidity, air and soil temperature, leaf humidity, rainfall etc. Likewise we install traps and carry out pest counts. All this information allows us to estimate the suitability or otherwise of applying an irrigation-based treatment, as well as the most suitable moment for doing so. The products we use are always highly selective for the pest to be eliminated, thus respecting the secondary fauna in the vineyard.

Thanks to all of these endeavours, in February 2012 we managed to obtain the certification for INTEGRATED PRODUCTION issued by the HAZI foundation.