Privileged surroundings


Known as the wine capital of the region, Laguardia lies in the south of the historical territory of Alava, 62 km from Vitoria. Protected by the Cantabria Mountain Range, it is without doubt the most important town of the region that borders on the left bank of the River Ebro to the south.

Laguardia’s historical monuments are also remarkable. Located on a hillock, the town still preserves its medieval layout. Thanks to the town wall, the administrative centre of Cuadrilla de la Rioja Alavesa has a pedestrian town centre where going for a lovely walk is possible. It houses two fortified temples -the church of San Juan and the one of Santa Maria de los Reyes-, as well as numerous lordly houses and palaces. Those who are close to the Town Hall at noon will have the chance to enjoy the chiming clock while its figures dance to the music.

Outside its walls, Laguardia boasts a protected biotope, made up of four small wetlands and the La Barbacana Celtiberian pond, which is considered the biggest pond built during the Iron Age still in existence in Europe today. The prehistoric Settlement of La Hoya, an archaeological site that will take us back to the Bronze Age.