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Four of our most iconic wines receive new scores in Wine Advocate

The prestigious publication Wine Advocate, a reference in rating wines worldwide with its famous “Parker points,” devotes a section to Rioja in its last issue of 2013.

The critic Luis Gutierrez has traveled the Denomination of Origin valuing over 600 wines, of which there are four of our most renowned wines.

Ugarte Crianza 2010, a classic of our winery, received 86 points for its good integration of wood and fruit flavors.


Meanwhile, the reserva of the same range, Ugarte Reserva 2009 has earned 87 points. Luis Gutierrez highlighted the round tannins, good acidity and good persistence of this wine.


Our premium white Martín Cendoya Malvasia, is scored for the second time in Wine Advocate. The balsamic notes, fresh palate and ripe white fruit core have gotten 86 points to this harvest of 2012, one point more than the previous vintage.


Martín Cendoya Reserva del Club, the exclusive wine for the members of our Barrel Club, has been rated for the first time by a critic of Wine Advocate. A balanced palate with clean flavors, good acidity and a pleasant finish have been the key to its 89 points.


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