Somos agricultores del vino desde 1870


Led by Hermanos Quintana, the importer of the winery in Puerto Rico, the Commercial Director Sandra Aulló has made a tour through different restaurants on the island, presenting the wines that have dressed the tables of San Juan for years.

Despite the massive popularity of Spanish Albariño, it has been pleasantly surprising the great success of our Martin Cendoya Malvasia, a white Rioja Alavesa to which the restorers have shown much interest, given its mineral personality away from traditional fruity white wines. A little more body for a white wine that pairs with fish… and why not, with white meats.

Also, our Crianza, a “classic” in the island, has remained the most popular one with Martin Cendoya, the wine Hermanos Quintana carefully care, present in restaurants like José José, whose chef, José Abreu, enjoys pairing wines with traditional dishes as “tostones de pana” or “sopa de plátano”. Anastasio, the signature wine from old vines, is undoubtedly the wine that awakens all the senses in any tasting after the pairings carefully designed for our wines.

We thank the wonderful reception all restaurateurs have shown us and the exquisite treatment of our importer: José Luis Quintana.


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