It is an honour for me, on behalf of the Eguren Ugarte Family, to provide information on our 1st Sustainability Report and to use it to convey to the Community, and Society as a whole, which economic, environmental and social aspects have always been present in the transformation of our history as a family and as a Business Group.

In spite of the complex environment in which we live, our aim has been to adopt a more cross-cutting sustainability strategy, laying the foundations to address the important challenges of forthcoming years. We would like this Report, and those to follow, to become the voice of the companies comprising Eguren Ugarte, through increasingly transparent information and which, at the same time, is used as yet another instrument for the change and continuous improvement of our management.

The Report has been drawn up in compliance with the 2002 GRI (Global Report Initiative) Guide, a collaborating organisation of the United Nations Programme for the Environment (UNEP-UN), in favour of the world homogenisation of key information for business analysis which reflects the global image of an organisation.

Our Sustainability Report is, as such, a reliable reflection of the economic, environmental and social action undertaken by the Eguren Ugarte Group which is comprised of the companies Heredad Ugarte S.A., Bodegas Eguren S.A. and Azukomesi S.L.

We use it to publicise the living and working philosophy which our founder, Victorino Eguren Ugarte, has demonstrated and conveyed every day with more than fifty years of endeavour, responsibility and commitment to the surroundings and the people of the Rioja Alavesa region.

On behalf of the Eguren Family, I would also like to take the opportunity to acknowledge the work of all those who form part of the organisation because each achievement and every commitment to improvement made are the result of a shared merit.

Vitorino Eguren Ugarte
Managing Director