Variedad de uva



This grape, which is native to La Rioja, is recognised as one of the best red varieties in our country and is the basis for the majority of our wines.Tempranillo-based wines are highly balanced both for their alcohol volume and their colour and acidity. On the palate it is frank, smooth and fruity, becoming velvety as it ages.


A grape rich in extract and with a good alcohol volume. It is partnered with Tempranillo in the production of classic wines. Very interesting and balanced products are obtained from the Garnacha grape variety.


This is a red variety, originally from Rioja and Navarra, which we use in the production of some renowned red wines such as the reserva wine Martín Cendoya.
It has acidity, polyphenolic content and an intense, very peculiar aroma.


This variety is a great ally of the Tempranillo variety in some of our best red wines amongst which Martín Cendoya stands out.
It has high acidity and a stable colour in addition to a good contribution of tannins.

Cabernet Sauvignon

This is considered as being the most international grape. We use it to produce wines charged with impetuousness and urban character such as the Red Kame and Mercedes Egunon Cabernet Sauvignon.
Its red intense colour, vigorous tannins and its aromas of redcurrant, truffle and coffee characterise it.


Also known as Syrah, this variety provides an aroma of wild and violet fruits like the Red Kame and Mercedes Egunon Shiraz Tempranillo. It has spicy nuances and lends the wines an intense and deep colour.


This is a highly aromatic variety. We use it for white wines such as Martín Cendoya Malvasía.
The result is a very interesting, fruity, oily wine with great aromatic intensity.

Sauvignon Blanc

This white grape is the source of elegant, delicate and highly aromatic wines. Our Mercedes Egunon Sauvignon Blanc is good proof of this. In particular it is characterised by aromas and citric flavours in addition to a slightly floral touch.


This white and slightly acidic variety is used to produce wines such as our White Kame and Reinares White. Fresh, floral and fruit aromas emanate from the wines produced using this grape.