Somos agricultores del vino desde 1870


(Only during harvest season)

As a family, enjoy the unique experience of the grape harvest in Eguren Ugarte. You and your loved ones will learn how the entire process evolves, from the grape collection through to the grape crushing, and how the must is obtained, up to the production of the wine.

An activity intended for the entire family and which includes:
– Visit to the caves and cask rooms in our winery.
– Site visit to the vineyard where we will explain the uniqueness of the Rioja Alavesa geography, the grape varieties and the picking system.
– Grape harvesting.
– Grape crushing in the winepresses.
– Luncheon with must tasting for children and wine tasting (crianza and reserva) for parents.

The family grape harvest will only be available on the Sundays of the grape harvest during a session at 12:00 noon.

· Adults: 25 €
· Children: 15 €

It is essential to book beforehand. Contact us by phone (+34) 945 600 766

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