Viñas Centenarias

The secret behind our wines resides in the selection and cultivation of the best of our own vines, using traditional methods alongside the most recent grape growing techniques.

Vineyards of Eguren wines    

The grape for the production of our Eguren wines originates from vines which are over fifty years old located in Labastida and Páganos, privileged locations due to their altitude of approximately 600-700 metres and their unique micro-climate which is favourable for the production of a quality grape.

Vineyards of Ugarte wines    

The secret of our wines lines in the selection and cultivation of our own best vines by putting tradition into practice and knowing the most recent wine-producing techniques.

Vineyards of Kame wines    

The Kame wines combine youth, impetuousity and modernity. We produce them from the grape in our vineyards in Tierra de Castilla by using different methods which combine tradition with cutting-edge techniques.