Viñedos Eguren

The grape for the production of our Eguren wines originates from vines which are over fifty years old located in Labastida and Páganos, privileged locations due to their altitude of approximately 600-700 metres and their unique micro-climate which is favourable for the production of a quality grape.

The vines, trained according to the traditional high goblet method of Rioja Alavesa, are grown on poor, very limy land which is shallow and sandy. For decades they have merely depended on rainfall which, over time, has resulted in vines with low production and balance.

The clones were selected in the old way. By using the traditional massal selection, the wine-grower’s expert eye made a selection of the best vine stocks in order to reproduce them in new plots.

We put traditional cultivation methods into practice in order to assiduously care for the plant. Absolutely all tasks are performed manually: we harvest by selecting the bunches in the actual vine stocks, we pamper them one by one, thinning the leaves in order to improve the sun absorbed by the fruit when required and we remove the bunches which are not suitable, thus achieving the optimum quality of the grape.

EL MONTE Labastida 4,3 Tempranillo
LA RA Labastida 7,7 Tempranillo
LA RA GRACIANO Labastida 0,3 Graciano
LAS MANGADAS Labastida 2,1 Tempranillo
PEDAZURIA Labastida 7,6 Tempranillo y garnacha
SOLAGUEN Labastida 0,4 Graciano
EL VIEJO JOSEMARY Páganos 0,5 Tempranillo, viura y malvasía

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