Viñedos Ugarte

The secret of our wines lines in the selection and cultivation of our own best vines by putting tradition into practice and knowing the most recent wine-producing techniques.

The grape for the production of our Ugarte wines originates from vines in the clay-limestone soils of Labastida, Páganos and Elciego in the very heart of Rijoa Alavesa. A north-south orientation is required and they are trained in high trellises thus ensuring greater exposure to the sun.

Given that the vines are not irrigated they depend entirely on weather conditions. The grape harvest is performed mechanically which allows us to select the best date for doing so and ensures that the grape reaches the winery at the best time.

AJOSTE Labastida 0,8 Tempranillo
ALTO EL REY Labastida 0,9 Graciano
LA HUETA Labastida 4,1 Tempranillo
LARRAZURI Labastida 3,9 Tempranillo
RINCON DE SOTO Labastida 3,0 Tempranillo
YAGO Labastida 3,8 Tempranillo
CARRALEZA Páganos 2,2 Tempranillo
CASCAJO SAN BLAS Páganos 2,6 Tempranillo
EL BLANCO Páganos 0,9 Tempranillo
EL CALVARIO Páganos 2,3 Tempranillo
EL LIO Páganos 2,3 Tempranillo
EL MEDIO Páganos 2,3 Tempranillo
EL PUNTIDO Páganos 4,4 Tempranillo
EL SIETE Páganos 1,4 Tempranillo
FUENTECILLAS Páganos 2,3 Tempranillo
LA MINA Páganos 3,6 Tempranillo
SOTOVIN Páganos 23,0 Tempranillo
VILLAGARDEL Páganos 1,8 Tempranillo


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