At Eguren Ugarte we make wine with the Denominación de Origen Calificada Rioja. Accredited in 1926, we obtained the highest category, “Calificada” in 1991.
This family winery has kept up the traditional way of producing its wines, while incorporating innovative techniques both in grape growing and in wine making. The results are exceptional wines, worthy of the national and international awards they have won

Vinos Eguren

The grape for the production of our Eguren wines originates from vines which are over fifty years old located in Labastida and Páganos, privileged locations due to their altitude of approximately 600-700 metres and their unique micro-climate which is favourable for the production of a quality grape.
The vines, trained according to the traditional high goblet method of Rioja Alavesa, are grown on poor, very limy land which is shallow and sandy.

Vinos Ugarte

Ugarte wines are made with the grapes harvested from the own vineyards of Eguren Family. Their manufacturing process and aging takes place in French and American barrels, treating each one of them in the most appropiate way to obtain wines with a unique personality.
Bodied wines that age elegantly, acquiring shades that allow to seduce different tastes.

Vinos Kame

The Kame wines combine youth, impetuousity and modernity. We produce them from the grape in our vineyards in Tierra de Castilla by using different methods which combine tradition with cutting-edge techniques.
The most modern varieties are those which add an urban touch and the characteristic bite of Kame wines.