Grapes harvested in the fall of 2019, a young wine, for between-harvest drinking.

The coupage of 5 varieties provides high intensity, elegance and aromatic complexity.

Pressed from red grapes.

Young wine from Rioja Alavesa is made using the traditional carbonic maceration method.
Tempranillo is the predominant grape variety in Rioja


Our crianza wine matures in our cellars inside French or American oak barrels, after which it is bottled.
The Rioja Qualified Designation of Origin stipulates how long the wine must stay in the barrels and also in the bottles.

Our crianza is made from Tempranillo Blanco and Sauvignon Blanc grapes.

Our crianza is made with tempranillo grapes and dash of garnacha.

Made with tempranillo and graciano grapes from vineyards selected by age (30-50 years) and location.


Monovarietal wines enhance the properties of each grape variety.


The main red grape variety found in Rioja also known as cencibel, an early-harvest grape with a short ripening cycle.
Unlike the crianzas, the winemaker decides how long these wines stay in the barrel and in the bottle.

According to Vitorino, the forties are a time for reaffirming our love.
Harvest: 2017
Since the forties is also a time when youth and experience meet for the first time, this wine is innovative but at the same time has a unique character.

In 2005 Vitorino had been working for ‘fifty odd’ years.
Harvest: 2016

Vitorino was eighty years old on June 14, 2014.
Harvest: 2015
Old vine estates.

The dominant grape in Rioja is the red tempranillo grape, however other varieties are equally autochthonous and admired.

The most widely grown variety in the world, although little is grown in Rioja. The garnacha grape produces, fruity, elegant, easydrinking wines which age well.

A variety native to Rioja, slow to ripen, a lesser-known grape which is difficult
to grow, bunches are small. A modern, crisp wine with strong aromas.
Writings from the early twentieth century speak of a variety that ‘gives grace to the wines of Rioja’, hence the name graciano.

Minority variety recovered recently, not cultivated anywhere else in the world.
Late budding and with a short cycle, it produces very small grapes and bunches. It produces high quality wines with very strong colours and aromas.


Single varietal wine expresses the properties of each variety of grape in Rioja Alavesa.

The least cultivated variety in Rioja and one of the oldest, it lost prominence in favour of red grapes.

Variety emerging recently through natural mutation of the red grape, originating in Rioja..

Variety known as “malvasia of Rioja” or “alarije”, it is one of the nine different varieties of malvasia.



Classic Gran Reserva, limited edition from our large harvests. Old vine grapes harvested at the end of October.

Martín is brother to Vitorino’s wife, Mercedes.
A grape from old vines on hillside terrain.

A wine of exceptional quality due to the origin of the grape: Vines planted in grid formation in stony soil in 1950