International vocation

In Eguren Ugarte we support internationalisation from a specific perspective, thus enabling that more than sixty percent of the production of our three brands is currently sold in approximately thirty international markets.

Through our own commercial network, we are present in the majority of European countries with this being our most traditional and long-standing market. Clear proof of this is that we have a vast network of distributors in Germany, Poland, Sweden, Ireland, Finland, Austria, Norway, Holland, the Czech Republic, Israel and Russia.

A challenge, our own internationalisation formula

Innovation and internationalisation came together in 2006 and we decided to take on new markets using our own commercial offices in target countries.

That is how we became our own importers for the American market with EU Imports with its headquarters in Kansas. It is from there where we respond flexibly and efficiently to our customers’ needs by providing close contact and conveying family and corporate values personally from us, the producers, for the end American consumer.

Our team of professionals in the United States designs and coordinates sales strategies in Canada, the USA and Mexico.

For us, 2011 represented the culmination of the Asian challenge by becoming the first Spanish winery to set up in Hong Kong with its own commercial office: Eguren Ugarte Asia

From Hong Kong our team of professionals is able to take on the Chinese and Japanese market and explore new Asian markets: Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia.

In 2012 we set up our third commercial office, this time in Peru. The market possibilities around the capital, Lima, have encouraged us to embark on this new international adventure.

We have a new challenge, the Brazilian market is waiting for us.